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Robin’s Enneagram Sunday Lesson Series

Robin is holding a series of Enneagram lessons from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Teen Room

Sunday March 26th, we will be exploring the suffering of the Type Three which propels him to move from his vanity to his veracity.

Here’s the entire schedule:

4th Sunday January – Type 8 From Lust to Innocence
2nd Sunday February – Type 9 From Sloth to Engagement
4th Sunday February – Type 1 –  Movement from Vice  to Virtue
2nd Sunday March – Type 2 From Pride to Humility
4th Sunday March – Type 3 From Vanity to Veracity
2nd Sunday April – Type 4 From Envy to Equinimity
4th Sunday April – Type 5 From Avarice to NonAttachment
2nd Sunday May – Type 6 From Fear to Courage
4th Sunday May – Type 7 From Gluttony to Sobriety

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