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Robin’s Enneagram Sunday Lesson Series

Robin is holding a series of Enneagram lessons from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Teen Room

Sunday April 23rd, we will be exploring the suffering of the Type 5 which propels him to move from his avarice to his non-attachment.

Here’s the entire schedule:

4th Sunday January – Type 8 From Lust to Innocence
2nd Sunday February – Type 9 From Sloth to Engagement
4th Sunday February – Type 1 –  Movement from Vice  to Virtue
2nd Sunday March – Type 2 From Pride to Humility
4th Sunday March – Type 3 From Vanity to Veracity
2nd Sunday April – Type 4 From Envy to Equinimity
4th Sunday April – Type 5 From Avarice to NonAttachment
2nd Sunday May – Type 6 From Fear to Courage
4th Sunday May – Type 7 From Gluttony to Sobriety

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