Authentic Spiritual Community

Authentic Spiritual Community

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A message by George Fuller.

We are after authenticity. Come as you are and feel free to be yourself and be accepted. Authenticity doesn’t isolate us, it allows us to be comfortable with who we are and to be accepted for ourselves.

Jesus practiced authenticity with himself, in his teaching and in his community.

Public “spaces” are where we have activities that build our community: we cheer or favorite teams together, work with others, etc… Social “space” is a subset of public space with special interests: photo club, book club, discovery dinners, etc… Personal “space” is where we are known by our story. It is a mutuality with “a flavor of me”. People in this space know our likes and dislikes: home groups, life story groups, etc… Intimate “space” is where we don’t have to keep any secrets, where we are “naked and unashamed”. The Bible refers to the sharing of intimate space as “knowing” someone.

Shalom is often translated as “peace” but it means more than that. Shalom says that we are in sacred communal relationship and at peace with ourselves and others. In isolation, we cannot have shalom. The more secure we are in intimate space (with at least 1 other person), the better and more comfortable we will be in the more pubic spaces.

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