Our Brains: A Blessing . . . And A Curse (2)

Our Brains: A Blessing . . . And A Curse (2)

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Last week, we saw how our brains have a built-in motivation system to get us up, out of bed, eating, drinking, procreating, and doing the things we need to further our lives and the species. The whole system is a real blessing.

But it’s also a curse. It sucks us into a time-focus that is anything but staying present in the moment.

In this lesson, we see the curse is even deeper. The chemical motivation system in our brains sets a trap for us. We are led down a path that ends with us settling for a lesser version of ourselves — what the tradition has called “the false self,” or “the ego-as-self,” or “the flesh.”

Which makes the “prayer of staying in the current moment” a helpful one.

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