What hip-hop can teach us about racism

By Jarred White

As a black man fresh out of seminary in a mostly white spiritual community and asked to give my first message on the topic of racism, it is needless to say that this was not easy to write.

Hip hop music has been one of the most racially controversial topics of the last 4 decades, so it seemed like a good place to start.  I was deeply inspired by the first hit single recorded by Kanye West.  He recorded it with his jaw wired shut after reconstructive surgery following a serious auto accident.  He sang about the difficulties he had faced but also how he had overcome them.  This is a common story for so many black Americans who have experienced both overt and covert racism over the centuries.  As Kanye sang about “speaking through the wire”, the message resonates deeply with those who have experienced similar challenges in life.  Have a listen to hear more…

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