“That was calming. It was kind of nice.”
“Contemplative Sundays are quieter than I’m used to.”

Because we prioritize the contemplative side of spirituality, some of our gatherings have a quieter side. If you happen in on one of them, you might be taken aback.

Meditation and other soul-quieting practices have always been part of Christian practice. However, 500 years ago as Western society went through the Renaissance, we began to ignore these practices. Back then, science was telling us that the universe is a mechanical place governed by absolute principles and irrefutable truths. Contemplative practices (like meditation) approach the universe differently. They embrace a reality rich in mystery, paradox, and uncertainty. Consequently, for a long time now, Western Christians were uncomfortable with contemplative practice. Even today, some question if Christians can be contemplative.

But science has given us an updated understanding of the universe. We no longer live in a precise, absolute universe. In the quantum era, our universe is now un-absolute, relative, and uncertain. Consequently, many are reawakening to our need for spiritual practices that embrace mystery and uncertainty . . . and contemplative practice.

We are finding richness in our spiritual lives as we re-embrace our ancient contemplative tradition. We hope you’ll join us.

Here are some ways you can learn about, and join in with contemplative practice.

1. Nine O’Clock on Sundays:  A Contemplative Service

Each Sunday we practice one of the ancient contemplative practices together. It’s a quieter service than 10:45.

2. Contemplative Practice 101

Throughout the year, we have regular introductions to the different ways of being contemplative. Some are on Wednesday evenings, others Sunday brown-bag after church.

Jennifer MurrayJennifer Murray
We are fortunate that Jennifer Murray is part of our community. Her studies focused on contemplative spiritual practice. She leads our Contemplative 101 modules and organizes our 9 a.m. contemplative service.

3. A Primer on Meditation

These two youtubes explain why and how we meditate.

a. Why We Meditate

b. How We Meditate

4. Introducing Examen of Consciousness

Click HERE for a Sunday lesson on the ancient practice of examen.

5. On Contemplative Spirituality

Click HERE for several Sunday lessons that that will familiarize you with contemplative spirituality.