Doug Hammack

Doug and his family moved to Raleigh in 1995 from Los Angeles, where he had spent eight years as a staff pastor at a mega-church.

Like most in our community, he is pretty disillusioned with the American church’s drift from the simplicity and beauty of communal spirituality.

Asked to move along from that assignment, he struck out to find a place to build a different kind of spiritual community. He landed in Raleigh and began building a community of people committed to three simple core values …

  • Authentic Community
  • A Free and Vibrant Spirituality
  • Making the Earth a Better Place

“Many a slip between the lip and the cup.”

That wisdom proverb has defined Doug’s leadership at NRCC. Few disagree that Community, Spirituality, and Earth-Bettering are important values, but somehow the church has “slipped” in their execution.

Doug is leading NRCC to be a place we work together to fix the slip; a place to hammer out how we can actually be the caring and free spiritual community Jesus intended.

Doug has over 20 years of experience in spiritual formation and leading spiritual communities. His undergraduate degree is in History from the University of California, and his Masters and Doctorate degrees are both from Fuller Theological Seminary.

The Blog

Doug Hammack is our minister and his blog will give you a flavor of what’s going on at NRCC. Quantum Christianity. What’s that? Check out Doug’s blog to find out.

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The Podcast

The current podacst series is entitled Rethinking Christian Sexual Education. Doug is writing a new book on teaching sexuality to our young people and the podcast is a starting point.

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The Book

Doug wrote Rethinking Our Story for people who can no longer access Divine Life in the current Christian narrative.

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