Know Thyself.
Know the Other.

Our community has been working on conflict resolution for years.
We’ve gotten pretty good at it. 

If you’re in conflict…
The good news: we can probably help.
The bad news: it’s a lot of work.
It’s worth it. It’s changed our lives. But it’s a lot of work.

Conflict resolution begins with self-awareness and self-disclosure. If you’re part of NRCC, you’ve heard about “doing a worksheet.” (Click HERE to learn more). We use that same practice — with our conflict partner — to resolve conflict. If you’ve not yet done the self-awareness, self-disclosure practice, no worries. We’ll show you how to do that too. (Again, click HERE.) Set a few meetings with a facilitator. After that, come back here and familiarize yourself with this page. When you and your conflict partner have worked through the Guideline Sheet and Audio Clips, click the link below to set an appointment.

Again, it’s a demanding process. It’s tempting to give up. But, if you’re here, chances are you’re looking a new way to handle conflict. We’ll do it with you. You don’t have to go it alone.

1. Get Ready For Your Appointment


2. Audio Clips To Help You Get Ready

a. A Disruptive Strategy (6:40)

b. Do Your Own Work First — Courageously! (4:40)

c. Listen to Disrupt.  Understand to Break the Cycle (4:54)

d. Get Your Head Straight Before You Show Up (3:44)

e. Keep It to One Episode  (3:52)

f. Understanding and Being Understood (4:44)

g. The Thing Is Never the Thing (2:44)

h. Informed Negotiation (4:56)

i. Get a Facilitator! (1:44)

3. Schedule an Appointment with a Facilitator


4. For More Information…

If you’d like more background, we’ve been working on conflict resolution a long time. HERE are some audio lessons from previous years.