The Beginning of Wisdom: Know Thyself

In our community we’ve worked hard to recover the ancient spiritual practice of confession. Because it has picked up so much religious baggage through the years, we don’t call it “confession.” We call it the practice of “self-awareness and self-disclosure.”

It is one of the more transformative spiritual practices we know.
The worksheet will guide you through the process.
The attached resources will help you do it well.

1. The Worksheet

the worksheet (pdf version)

the worksheet (formatted for electronic completion)

faciliator guide

2. Audio Tips to Help with the Worksheet

a. The Beginning of Wisdom: Know Thyself (6:40)

b. What!? All This Work and It Doesn’t Solve My Problems!? (4:41)

c. I Don’t Always Know the Story I Tell Myself (4:04)

d. Unearthing Our Emotions (4:47)

e. Hey! I’ve Seen this Pattern Before  (3:16)

f. Doing It with a Friend (6:36)

Appendix: Five Winter Wednesdays (Orientation) (15:37)
In early 2017, we did a five-week Wednesday module, breaking into groups to do the practice together. This is a recording of the orientation to those meetings.

3. Case Studies

See what a completed worksheet looks like…
> Case Study: Selling the Family Home
> Case Study: The Neighbor’s Animals
> Case Study: Post-Election Fear
> Case Study: Maligned at Work 

4. Feeling Words

> Feeling Words

5. Sample Patterns

> Sample Patterns

6. Make an Appointment

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7. For More Information…

Below are links to a series of lessons on the practice.

> Confession, Self-Awareness, Self-Disclosure  AUDIO VERSION   (start at the bottom)
> Confession, Self-Awareness, Self-Disclosure  PRINT VERSION