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Garden Beautification

Five times a year, NCVAN holds garden beautification events in our Victims’ Voices Silent No More Crime Victim Memorial Garden. The NCVAN staff invites anyone interested to join us, whether as a volunteer to help or to simply watch and witness, as many (especially including the loved-ones of homicide victims), find it meaningful and beneficial on their life journey.

There is no prior gardening experience necessary. At each event, Homewood Nursery donates all the flowers, plants, and materials; they also donate a horticultural expert, Tina Mast, to plan the garden arrangement for each event as well as to direct the actual planting process that day. Volunteers and some NCVAN staff members are involved at each event.
For anyone interested in joining us at the next NCVAN Garden Beautification event, our 5th and final event in 2019, see the details below:

Sunday, November 17 – 1:00 p.m.
The NCVAN Victim’s Memorial Garden
106 E. Lane Street
Raleigh, 1 block west of the Governor’s mansion

Parking Instructions: Since it is a Sunday (versus a weekday), free parking is easily available alongside the street near the garden and in the dirt parking lot at the garden.

If you are interested in bringing items/supplies with you: Anyone who wants to join you, Gardening gloves for yourself, Sunscreen for yourself, Knee pads for yourself, Garbage bags, Tubs, tarps, (for collecting debris), Trowels, Shovels, rakes, Blower or broom, Weeding implements

If you have any questions, please contact:
Dianna T. Benson
Training and Resource Coordinator, NCVAN
North Carolina Victim Assistance Network
919-831-2857 X 106

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