Teens Need to Belong

We have worked hard at NRCC to create an environment where they can. We push against the mindset behind teenage cliques, making sure our kids feel safe, comfortable, and affirmed being their truest, even goofiest selves.

This has created quite a diverse group. Teens hang out with people they wouldn’t tend to associate with at school and find great value in one another’s uniqueness.

Then, we teach them the fundamentals of authentic spirituality. We teach them to walk the spiritual journey with companions—that we experience God better together than we do alone. We also grapple with teen-relevant struggles and how spiritual people handle those struggles. Our hope is to offer them life-long practices for the journey.

And we have fun. We go to lunch together. We do community service together. We build in times for fun and relationship-building.

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Children at NRCC

The thing we want most for our children when they grow up is for them to have experienced love. We believe all love is God’s love. So when we love them, we expand their experience of the Divine.

We believe that if our kids associate church and God with fun, friendship, and love, they develop a lifetime of spiritual hunger. We want our children to experience a sense of God’s approval, acceptance, and affection while they’re with us.

Only after that do we teach them our ancient stories. Our primary concern is to create an environment in which they have deep, visceral experiences of affection, goodness, mercy, love and fun—the things we believe to be at the heart of God.

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