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We’re Changing Our Name

Change is hard!
Our brains are comfortable with sameness.
So change is hard!

But sometimes it’s necessary. And sometimes even, good. But even then, it’s an adjustment — especially if it’s been good for 24 years, and then it’s different.

Are you ready?
On January 1, 2020, we’re not going to be NRCC any more.
On January 1, 2020, we’re going to be Common Thread Church.

Common Thread Church.

Ok. Give yourself a moment. Because, you know—change is hard.

We know it makes sense. We can’t be “North Raleigh” now that we’re downtown. It’s been three years now. We’re pretty sure we’re settled here. So yeah, it makes sense. But even so, we have to retrain our minds.

So let’s see if I can help.
Here’s what Common Thread could mean.

There is in each of us, a common thread, what we call, the Inner Light. We could call that thread the breath of God, or the Spirit of God, or the Indwelling Divine.

And even though many grew up being told the Inner Light is only in people with the right religion, we’ve come to understand it’s in all of us.

The spiritual journey is one of accessing what is already there inside. Our religious practice, our religious narrative, are all about accessing the Inner Divine we share in common.

We share the journey in common.
We share the struggles in common.
We share shadow sides—and blind spots—and the hard parts on the journey.
We share them all in common.

Common Thread
A spiritual community on a shared journey, accessing the shared Inner Light.

It could be that.
And that’s kind of beautiful.

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