Here’s who to contact to find out about …

Robin Camu

Robin Camu

One of the best tools we’ve found for spiritual growth is the Enneagram. Robin is a rich and deep resource to help us use it effectively. Enneagram groups are an integral part of our community life. Talk to Robin. Attend a seminar. Get in a group.  

Perlie Davis

Perlie Davis

Matt Hernley

Jim Luke

Jennifer Murray

Jennifer brings her experience with contemplative practice to both Sunday mornings and Wednesday modules. She hosts gatherings throughout the year where we explore the rich tapestry of our contemplative tradition. She encourages us to listen quietly and reflect deeply.

Jennifer Pavlovitz

Scott Shackleton

Scott is our Treasurer. He helps us manage and be good stewards of our money. He works with us to set (and keep) our budgets. Each month he reports to the community how we’re doing, keeping a close eye on our accounts, and gently reminding us to be generous.

Chris Thomson

Julia Thomson

When you’re ready to make NRCC your own community and get involved, you’ll want to talk to Julia. She will support and guide you into a place of service that is a fit for you. Talk to her. She’ll help you get connected. Julia is also our Council person who

Amy Tinkler

Amy coordinates our nursery and preschool ministry. She works closely with the lead teachers to create an environment where our children feel safe and loved. She also manages the schedule of volunteers. If you have a toddler or a preschooler, get to know Amy.

Christine Williamson

Chris Williamson

Ms. Chris, along with her team of dedicated volunteers (Ms. Vicki and Ms. Mary), works to create an inviting, nurturing and engaging learning atmosphere for our young people each week. If you have an elementary aged child, you’ll want to get to know and work with these ladies.